“The chosen son of Tzeentch will rise again", that's what the prophecy foretold. And it is thought to have manifested. Magnus the Red, primarch of the thousand sons, the fallen leader of Tzeentch's favoured sons, walks realspasce once more, alongside the brotherhood of change. The daemon primarch has laid waste to many armies. Many sorcerers within the Thousand Sons warband welcome there return of their lord with joy, but some, those who were the first to see the Red Sorcerer, silently suspect they are being deceived. There are a number of powerful daemons who take joy in bending reality to their wills. Could this be a false Magnus?

Finally, I have done it. I am making headway on bringing the Thousand Sons primarch into model form. And with the rules for Aetaos'rau'keres (the super lord of change) and the release of Nagash, I had the perfect rules and base model to bring this daemon lord to life. To help tie the model into a 40k army, it was mounted on a custom round base, made from a spare 5" large blast template.

A lot of the Nagash model was used for this conversion. The main change is the head, which is more human-like. The only heads I had of a suitable size were Ogryn heads, so that's what I used. It is a little bone-headed in facial structure, but it is fine. I've covered most of the head with a hood anyway, and plan to add hair, to help make it more suited.

The pole axe was another key change to the base kit. I decided to use the shaft from Nagash's staff, with a custom chain/power blade hybrid inspired by this artwork of a pre-daemon Magnus. A pair of Tzeentch icons help remind us that he is not a fallen demi-god.

The spirits, whilst cool, aren't entirely suited. I noticed that the super LOC has an ability to summon Horrors, so that gave me the idea to add flying daemons  in place of some of the spirits. They still need arms, but blended in they are a neat addition to this Tzeentch powerhouse.

The model isn't done quite yet. I still need a suitable pair of shoulder pads and need to modify the armour. I also plan to fill in some of the tears in the cloak. The model is incredibly imposing already, next to infantry and even tanks he is a giant, and weigh some more work it will make for a fantastic display piece and gaming centrepiece.