Infinity can have all sorts of unsung heroes. Since every model has that small chance to crit, it's not too rare to see a Fusilier take out a TAG over the course of a game. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's amazingly fun.

That said, some units can be real winners. Jotum, for example, is a boss. He's durable, killy and can be my Lt. That said, he's predictable in his awesomeness. So on the one hand, we have guys that aren't expected to shine but can sometimes pull more than their weight. On the other hand, we have the heavyweights. Those units that are great and are expected to be so.

Right in the middle, though, are the 30-80 point models. They can be great, but there's no guarantee. They can be bad, but we're hoping they're not. Well, it's in this place that my current hero is found.

High Flyer
I'm referring to the Akalis/Crusader Brethren. My first few games with this guy were very hit and miss. In fact, his performance was very poor. So much so that I started to think that he was the Icestorm dud. He just died and died and died.

Each time, however, I was learning. I started to consider how he came down and where. Little by little, he's become a quiet champ. He still dies, a lot, but not before making his presence felt.

There are a couple of things that contribute to his level of awesome. First, he's quite capable at range. He's Religious and his PH of 11 means a slightly more than 50% chance of dropping where he wants to. He's an order killer. He usually drops into a group of punks and helps to thin down the enemy's ability to retaliate by shrinking that order pool.

No Promises
Now, honestly, he's just like anything else in this game, risky. Some days he'll be a champ and some days he'll have a major tech failure and slam into the ground in a pool of flesh and armor. It's just how the game goes. That said, when he sings, he SINGS. In the end, I just love this guy.

Who are your current heroes?