The Mouth of Sauron

And thereupon the door of the Black Gate was thrown open with a great clang, and out of it came an embassy from the Black Tower. At its head there rode a tall and evil shape, mounted upon a black horse, if horse it was; for it was huge and hideous, and its face was a frightful mask, more like a skull than a living head, and in the sockets of its eyes and in its nostrils there burned a flame. The rider was robed all in black and black was his lofty helm; yet this was no Ringwraith but a living man. The Lieutenant of the Tower of Barad-dur he was, and his name is remembered in no tale; for he himself had forgotten it, and he said: “I am the Mouth of Sauron”.

Continuing with the Mordor theme, here is my Mouth of Sauron (both on horseback and dismounted). Painting him was relatively simple as he is basically black and silver. The black is Abaddon Black mixed with Kommando Khaki (as described here) and the horse was painted Vallejo Black/Brown and again highlighted by adding Kommando Khaki. To break up the black mud was added to the bottom of the robe using Vallejo German Camo Medium Brown (the same colour as the base) and Mournfang Brown. I kept the mud lighter at the top where it would be dry and darker towards the bottom to simulate wet mud.

The Mouth of SauronThe Mouth of SauronThe Mouth of Sauron

The Mouth of SauronThe Mouth of Sauron

Oh, and here’s another orc. You can never have too many orcs.

Mordor Orc