I picked up the new Sanguinary Priest model over the Christmas holiday and started to put him together. Right now he looks a little nuts as he just has the most basic of colors added..  or maybe hell with it.. this is my new painting style ..  just kidding 8) I like the new model and the detail it has.. it is a bit more costly then I think is appropriate for a single plastic miniature. But sadly I couldn't resist. As usual I preferred to avoid the non helmeted head.. I went with a DA Vet head to keep the robed look that I think makes sense for the Priest ..
 I chopped the back nub and will be adding a magnet for swap ability. I was on BnC where they were talking about this model not really having the look for a Jump Pack. I agree in reference to its pose. The pose looks planted and solid, not very fluid but that is just me .. I'll still be trying the Sang Guard JP as I think the wings will give it more of what it needs..
Another pick up was a set of the Blood Angel dice .. I got it off Ebay but thankfully it was only a few dollars more .. I'm hoping that some Eldar Dice come out down the line as well..  8)

Tonight I might be working on taping up the Tanks some more.. it's going to be more tape grinding action.