Hi guys!

I wanted to share today some WIP images of my Nonmetallic Metal Gold Dante!

Nonmetallic Metal Dante

NMM Dante

I need to work on the lighting for my images but these came out decent.  I used the old Sanguinor Heavy Metal NMM tutorial from White Dwarf, converting the paints to the new Citadel Paints of course.

He is not done, I still need to paint the Axe Mortalis and touch up the wings and some other details.  For the base I used a bit of broken column scenery from Secret Weapon Miniatures.  They were left overs from last years Nova Charity project that he donated. Justin is a great guy and deserves your business so if you are looking for some cool basing bits, or cool bases themselves, look him up!

Back to Dante.  This is one of my favorite models so I was happy when they made him usable again. I dropped the old jump pack though and replaced it with a Sanguinary Guard pack with wings. I just can't imagine Dante letting his subordinates have cooler packs than him!  I finished the base with some brown then red dry brushing to represent Baal Prime and some long grass with a warmer hue.

My direct and edgy painting style shows through on this.  I have been working on getting away from that and instead working on more smooth blending, but honestly every one does that. I am going back to my roots, what I do well, with my new Blood Angels army and letting my style show.  But yes I did cut my paints! :)

Feel free to give thoughts and advice. I am painting a whole honor guard like this so would benefit from input.  If any one can point me towards a NMM Gold walkthrough that is better than the White Dwarf one please do.  It is hard to beat!

More nids, as well as my own review of the Leviathan, Exterminatus and the Sanguinary Guard Codex book sets as well as Deathstorm are on the way soon.

Oh and while I do love Justin and Secret Weapon, I would like to announce a rebirth of the Jawa Forge!  It is clear that GW is going towards 32mm bases as the standard. The new BA tac squad comes with them.  You can imagine that all models will come on them eventually. We might as well embrace this and make the change!  I have a new Broken Rock (my most popular from my old line) set, as well as a Crystaline Tomb World as a nod to the Necron Codex enroute.  I will have a set of bases in each style to base the Deathstorm box set.  The bases are sculpted and ready for casting and will be going into the mold making phase tonight!  I could have them available for sale this weekend... :)  Stay tuned!