Saturday's X-Wing Store Championship was an absolute blast! We maxed out at 40 players (we can only fit that many at the moment) to make it a full on competitive event..... too bad I did so rubbish!

So, typically I like to run lists that aren't exactly "meta"... except for when I ran wave serpents...*cough*. Anyway, I decided to adapt my old nationals list and bring it along to our store championships. My old list had two x-wings and a Z-95, but this time I decided to take some advice from a few mates and bring along Red Squadron! Well, that's not exactly true, it wasn't until half way through the day that I realised all of the pilots were from there:

Shield Upgrade
Veteran Instincts


Veteran Instincts

Essentially speaking, Luke just does what he does best - survive and win through attrition. Wedge and Garven fly around killing most of the stuff, plus being able to regenerate a shield with Garven's borrowed focus token is an awesome combo.


I came 3rd last! I won my first game but it just went downhill after that. The second game was against 8 headhunters, and I managed a draw. Followed by two losses... and then another draw and a loss. I'm not entirely sure if there has ever been two draws on a players run sheet in the whole history of X-Wing!

Anyway, I really enjoyed playing the list, and even though I did horrendously, I had a great time.

- out.