Cpt.  Milford's first mistake, setting up his defensive live to close to the enemy.
The downfall of 14th Company, 313th DTR.  It began in the early evening on Friday the 13th. Three and half hours later, and I saw my entire army get chewed through as if it were nothing but Swiss cheese with extra holes.  I won't go into each and every gory detail but rather just highlight a few parts of the game. 

So I faced of against 1500 Pts of 'Nids in a Eternal War: Big Guns Never Tire mission using the Vanguard Strike deployment.  As you may have noticed, mistake one... Setting up right on the edge of the deployment zone.  IMHO this was really something I shouldn't have done.  It ensured that he was able to get way to close way to quick and gave me little time to hammer him at range.
The 19th Lancers trot up to form a mobile reserve.
The entire center of my defense falls apart in turn 2.

Turn one was rather uneventful. But at the end of turn two, I pulverized his Warlord, but somehow it was able to let out some sort of Psychic scream thing.  And of course while right in the middle of my formation.  In that one turn, I lost the following: 2 Exterminators, 2 Sentinels, 1 Infantry Squad, 80% of a PCS, 70% of a 2nd Infantry squad, and half of my cavalry...  I was doomed.
40 Something shots at my Avenger in one turn, and not a scratch...
After turning tail attempting to consolidate what was left of my army on the one Objective that I still had the 'Nid Swarm moved in getting ready for dinner. The one highlight of the game for me was the massive amount of fire that my Avenger took without suffering any damage. 
The Company and both Platoon Command squads rally on an Objective.
As you can see above, by the end of turn 5 there wasn't much left.  The Chimera had 1 HP, and only it's heavy Bolter left.  It's hard to tell in the pic but there's 4 different squads (what's left of them) sitting on the objective.
Lt. Albin and Sgt. Garry are all that's left.

The end of Turn 6, the pic above explains it all...
I lost 10 points to 4.  Completely wiped out my army except for one officer and a Sgt. and a chimera for them to ride home in.


Battle Group 82, excerpt from the Daily AsAsRs*    

Capt. Milford  14th Company. 313th Drop Troop Regiment - For failure to uphold the standards set forth by BG82, the Imperial Tactica, and the Lord Emperor himself, let it be known that he will be reduced in Rank to "Recruit" and what is left of his remains shall be handed over to the Commissariat.  The Emperor will see to his soul. 

14th Company, 313 DTR - Awarded the Tripple Skull.** This award may be worn by all surviving members of the unit at the time of award. 

14th Company, 313 DTR - To be reconstituted using Guardsman from Battle Group Repo unit.  

Lt. Albin 2nd Platoon, 14th Company, 313 DTR - Advanced to the rank of Captain and assigned as the new 14th Company Commander.

*AsAsRs - Advancements, Announcements, and Reprimands

**Tripple Skull
This is unique in being a unit-level distinction awarded to units (the smallest of which must be Company size) which suffer the numerical equivalent of two-thirds their number in casualties