My post at the House this week got a bit out of hand, trying to cover just a little too much. I did manage an approach to going inside the big kits, a look at character infection as a way to offset combat, and the idea of living delves and spaces.

But I had a lot more, so as a start on it, here are three related tables, for weird infections to replace more ordinary ones, for living landscapes, and for wargaming inside creatures.

Alternative infections (for tactical roleplaying, 1d6)
  1. basilisk stones - swelling as calculi grow within, doubling in weight each day
  2. gold fever - complete transmutation of 1d2 body parts per day, into solid gold
  3. griffon pox - sprouting plumage of 1d3 lbs of feathers per day; moulted annually
  4. harlie's clap - internal liquefaction, attributes halving once per day (round down)
  5. orc flu - production of 1d3 pts of mucus per hour, with equivalent thirst suffered
  6. the nids - outbreak of 1d100 galls, opening in 1d6 days; 1d10 alien grubs each

Living delves / battlefields (for tactical roleplaying & wargames, 1d6)
  1. a dragon or similar creature grown so as to occupy its host complex entirely
  2. a giant troll or like being with basilisk stones (see above), rapidly regenerating
  3. a subterranean spore womb for an unemerging megasquig or kindred lifeform
  4. a fallen hive ship, capillary column root network, or lairing or injured ultraphant
  5. a hibernating or slumbering kaiju, great old one or comparable eldritch entity
  6. an orifice, system or organ within the vast body of a titan-beneath-the-world

Intrazoic battlefield effects (for wargames, 1d6)
  1. antibodies - after suffering its first casualty each unit suffers 1d3 more per turn
  2. fasciae - no terrain over 1d3 storeys, artillery or flyers; skimmers etc. half speed
  3. gas - each turn on a 1 in 2 the 1d3 units closest the table centre cannot be used
  4. mucus - the full table surface is difficult ground, but offers the base level of cover
  5. purge - each turn on a 1 in 6 the 1d3 units closest any table edge are destroyed
  6. spasms - 1d3 extra hills are set up; all move with a random vector once per turn

For more diseases like these see Underworld Lore #2 via Gorgonmilk's left-hand sidebar, for more ideas on interacting with vehicles the crewbrew posts, for weirder world seeds the A-Z possible new genres, and for ways to get between them the Ends mechanisms.

The series at the House has me riffing off what the blogs in the rolls there are posting. I'd like to be able to link to yours as well. It's easy to get in - the logo is here if you want it.