First RT post of the week and it gets brutal. Over the last week I have wheeled and dealed my way to secure two great Assault units for use in the force. Whilst one of them might not be fully RT it is close enough to do me and will certainly hurt once on the table top.

First up is my new Terminator assault squad, whilst not an RT unit rules wise I felt the need for them in the current edition out weighed that.

where possible I have stuck to the RT choices, in particular with the squad Sergeant. sticking to the traditional power sword and storm bolter.

Next up is two lightning claw armed terminators, the base models as far as I cant tell are RT genuine and I the claws whilst not RT may have been released at a similar time, either just before or early 2nd edition so kind of counts, but the style of the pads matches the normal RT terminators I have.

They are supported by two thunder hammer wielding beasts, as with above the base models as far as I cant tell are RT genuine but I think the storm Shields are possible late second early third edition, but I am happy with them.

My other assault unit is actually two small 5 man units, although I guess it could be one massive 10 man one, I now have enough metal RT jump packs to convert the ten RTB01s in to assault troops over the coming week. The marines are in parts which is nice and makes it good to carry out simple conversions, keeping as much original as I can.

The packs are in great condition and just sprayed black, must say when the arrived I certainly knew when they hit the door mat, these things weigh a ton!

So those are the first bits in the week and it does look like once completed the force will definitely have some teeth. More to come later in the week.