So folks time for the final post of the RT purchases and today it is the purchases I am really happy with. Today we explore the discoveries of Arkhan Land! The Land raider and speed though all the editions have been two of my favourite models. 

The FW MKIIB conversion mixing the current plastic with the old epic plastic raider is one of my favourite models of all time, but the new re-imaginings of the MKIs from FW have just blown me away, so when the opportunity arose to acquire one for this army I couldn't resist, and got three!

The Land speeder is also a favourite, right back from when they were just two lawn chairs bolted to an engine to the current trainer looking version I love the models and the idea behind them.

 As you can see the motor pool has taken a massive increase this week with the Land family joining the mix and adding some heavy punch to the line up.

First is the red speeder, goes faster apparently, this bad boy is complete but I still have no idea what to use as a base. I do like the model and particularly love the worlds most exposed crew on these.

The blue speeder again is intact and is in serious need of striping but all being well things will come up well and this can join the forces soon.

The first of my Raiders was a surprise purchase, didn't think I would get it with a low ball offer but did. On arrival the model was in better condition than I thought, whilst some of the weapons are damaged the model only has the lightest of coatings of silver.

My second raider is in equally good condition, but the paint is much thicker, more like my first painting of vehicles, bit heavy but consistent! The weapons are all intact and the doors have all being hinged, but given how it was done I will no doubt end up gluing them back in place!

Finally we have Big Blue, the paint on this isn't too bad, looks worse then it is, but this is the raider I am least enamoured with! For me this model will either end up being sold or used for other projects, but again another good buy and nice to own some of my favourite models.

Over the next couple of weeks real life is due to be busy but there will be a background hum of progress at Maison Millest as things are stripped, assembled, sprayed and generally sorted out! In the mean time I will be posting up some of the various RT artwork, box art and conversion guides I have acquired in my spare time for inspiration to help anyone out that might need it.

One finally request does anyone know of the best KR multicase foam options for this entire for? looking to have it in one box, though maybe waiting til its completed might work better as I can then see what options are best. Any advice or suggestions would be great though.