Knight Models posted up their new Marvel and Batman releases yesterday and WOW!
The March releases are very impressive.

First up is Norman Osborne a.k.a the Green Goblin. While the Marvel models don't have rules (yet) this is still a fantastic model. Captures the character perfectly.

For Batman, the releases are just as nice.
Penguin from the Gotham TV show looks just like the actor and gives the Penguin crew a new Leader or he can be used as a Sidekick for an Organised Crime crew.
Penguin's rules are HERE.

Talking of Organised Crime, Commissioner Loeb and the GCPD are coming as well.
Loeb can lead a Law force or be a sidekick for Organised Crime. Lieutenant Branden is also a Sidekick for Organised Crime, but he can also be a Sidekick for Law, Two Face and Black Mask.
Both of them are Corrupt meaning they can take up to 3 Law Henchmen in any crew they join, including SWAT as they also both have Elite Boss (SWAT).
The GCPD are filled out with a SWAT member with battering ram and a Detective.
The rules for all four can be found HERE.

The next two sets are some well needed Henchmen.
Two Face gets a two pack. One with a revolver and one with a shield and petrol bomb. Together they only come in at 33 Rep so easy to add to your crew.
Their rules are HERE.

The final model set is the stunning Blackgate Prisoners 2. These 4 chaps can be taken by ANY Villain crew. Coming in at just under 100 Rep, they can boost a crew where it needs help. The weapons and rules are great to. An electric baton, automatic gun, axe and bodyguard with brass knuckles means they have a man for almost any situation.
Rule for them are HERE.

As well as pretty models, KM carry on with their Gotham Scenography MDF range.
This month is a pair of very nice billboards featuring Penguin's Iceberg Lounge and Vicki Vale's chat show. They will make great rooftop cover for the Dark Knight.

What do you think of this months new goodies?
Will you be picking any of them up?

- Hendybadger