At last, the Easter holidays have arrived. Sixteen days of uninterrupted relaxation and contemplation time. Yeah, right! Two kids and a wife will make short work of that but as much of my time as possible will be spent at the painting table working through the huge pile of models I have selected for painting in the coming weeks. I have also just dropped nearly £50 on some choice pieces to add to my orc and McDeath collection.So I am looking forwards to painting them up too. 

Now, back to normal service and time to delve into another addition of my self-imposed painting challenge - A Warhammer Bestiary. The premise is simple if you are unfamiliar with it: to collect and paint a single model for every entry in the Warhammer fantasy Battle Third Edition rulebook. Last week, it was the turn of the giant. This week, as you will have already seen, its the treeman. And yes, I know I have jumped ahead a bit, missing out a minotaur and ogre. I will catch up with them shortly. 

Regular readers will know that I struggled with this model a couple of weeks ago and couldn't produce a satisfying finish. Looking back, I realised that there was nothing wrong with the painting technique itself. It was colour choice. Friends, such as Stuart Klatcheff, suggested I went for a Autumnal scheme, making use of oranges and browns for the problematic beard. But in the end I returned to my original intention of using green. 

It was colour harmony that came to my rescue. Mixing in a little of the base colour for the wood of the treeman into the green mix helped even things out to my eye, and I now have a model that looks the way I wanted it to. The tree man is, essentially, just a two colour job. This makes for a rather challanging task in my opinion, as if you get one of the colours wrong - the whole model looks wrong and you have to star again. 

What do you guys think?

Right, onwards with the project. A minotaur next...