Hi there! I'm Steve, and I've been playing tournament Warhammer now since 2010. I suppose on the UK 'scene' I am regarded as reasonable hobbyist and a terrible player! To be fair my results have definitely backed this up! I thought that I would use my first post on Paint Hammer to show you what I am working on for this years South Coast GT which is coming up in two weeks time. I'll be taking the Empire army, and I do not have a lot of models to add (luckily).

I have been working on a Celestial Hurricanum using some alternative models. I have taken the Hordes Celestial Fulcrum and the attendants from the Harbinger of Menoth and am hoping to create a kind of floating power generator that harnesses the powers of the heavens and will be pulled by three acolytes. Here are the first two Acolytes. I've kept the scheme fairly generic but tried to add in a little bit of freehand on the cloaks. This is something that I have been finding myself adding more and more to models at the moment, and its quite interesting seeing how this skill is progressing.

One of the problems I have with this army is adding models to existing units. I created the army in 2013 and did what I like to call 'seamless' trays that match perfectly with the bases. This looks good, but if you try to add a model it can prove problematic. This is one of the reasons I have moved onto plain black trays for my two most recent armies!

My solution was to add a separate tray to the side of units that will just push up next to the existing trays. I think this is a fairly neat solution. As you can see I make these bases from MDF with a slightly larger lip to the rear of the tray. The filler providses some variation to the ground, and the graves and scenery just add interest. These are the two trays that will expand my Demigryphs from seven to ten

I've also got to paint the three demis to go along with this. I'll update the blog at the end of the week so hopefully you can see how I've got on. I'll also add some details on the list I've taken and some of the other models I'll be pushing about over the weekend.