Oh, and if you look closely you can check out the in built wound marker. That'll be another blog post I guess! 

Or at least, painting runes! I received the Circle of Orboros Celestial Fulcrum for my birthday earlier this year and I had some plans to turn it into a Hurricanum for my Empire army. One of the things that I noticed immediately was that there were an awful lot of runes on the piece that were going to need some attention.

My initial plan was to paint the whole thing green and then overbrush the grays on to it. I laid down a coat of green on the central section, but I quickly realised that there was no way to really highlight up the grey without wrecking the greens. I changed the plan and did all the gray first using the airbrush so that i could get a range of different grays ranging from lights to darks around the sphere. I could also dry brush the edges with the Daler Rowney Wash Brush (my new best friend) without worrying about the green getting ruined.

To do the runes I ended up using some Vallejo Fluorescent Green mixed with white which I watered down a lot (the green is very thick) to a consistency that would allow it to flow through the runes using capillary action. Then using a fine detail brush I was able to gently position the tip into the runes and let the green flow round the crack. Because the paint was so watery if I made any mistakes (and trust me, there were loads!) I could easily use a clean brush to mop up any that came out of the runes.Once these were done I was able to add some Green Glaze to the runes in places to increase the vibrancy. The Runes on the dark grey areas were much more effective too.

Here you can see how the runes looked when I got it right!

And here is the finished Hurricanum in all its glory ready to buff my Demis at next weekends South Coast Grand Tournament!