Fresh from the tables of our painting class, we submit the following for the record.  Deep in the darkest recesses of your favorite fantasy town / village, trouble is gnawing at the gutterbones.  These rats are off the chain, and they are coming for an adventurer near you!

These were really easy, and the class was able to bust them out while learning how to use various inks.  Some are Reaper Bones, some are old Ral Partha and some are Milton-Bradley plastics from their venture with a once respected company which we won't talk about here.  The older ones needed bases, and Wargames Factory has some cool thin bases which added the correct "heft" to these small pieces.

The entire group was simply based white.  We used a combination of various brown(ish) inks to create different tones, but generally speaking any brown will work.  Apply a light brown to the entire model to create a slightly brownish rat skin.  A second application of a darker ink where fur would be will create a nice "coat" for the model.  Be artistic with this - by applying the ink in layers on the model in different staged patterns, we were able to use two applications to finish the model.  By avoiding the eyes, ears, feet and tail with the second, darker application you get a nice "mouse" rendition.

Paint Guide
  1. Basecoat White
  2. Light Brown Ink Basecoat
  3. Darker Brown Ink Fur
  4. Grey Base to match Dungeon or Sewer.
  5. Green Ink for moss on the stones, or a Grayish Texture / Flock.
Rats can be deadly.  They are one of the first "monsters" many adventurers have to deal with.  Now, we have a good number of painted critters to slice and dice.  Possibly roll them into one pack and drive them at our enemies.  Who knows?  You can do a lot with rats.