Hi everyone,

Today I display the last unit in my recent army-painting-push for the Covenant of Antarctica (COA).  The ships are called the Fresnels, and they are the 'new' gunships of the army.  I say new because their role and unit size has changed in the last iteration of the rules. They were fielded in units of one to three models before, but the size has been downgraded up to two models per unit. 

The painting process is the same as the other medium ships I have painted up, except for the colour choice. This time around I went for traditional yet brighter hues. Since I have three models I went ahead and painted them all up, even though I need only two.  I decided that instead of trying to sell the third ship for a fraction of the price, I might as well paint it and field it as a unit of one if the occasion ever arises.

Their weaponry consists of a complex lens array that focuses the energy weapons of the Fresnel into devastating blasts from across huge distances.  Therefore I wanted the energy effects to stand out on these models, hence the heavy use of green and green washes.

So that is what I have been up to (for now) with the COA, but before we go our separate ways, a parting shot of all the units I have painted up over the last two months.  Looking at them you might not think I have painted up a lot, but truth be told, I think I have managed a small miracle here.  I say this because when you take into consideration my technique, the fact that I am a slow painter by nature, and my constant war to make time for my hobby - then it is clear these models were finished due to divine intervention!
Next week I have a model review for another 15mm vehicle.  Until then, farewell and good health.