A very interesting thread has appeared on the Batman Beta Test forum HERE.
The 'FLY' Trait!

- Fly (1SC+1MC):

The basic movement distance of this Character becomes 30cm until the end of the round. This character can move in any direction (VERTICAL MOVEMENT IS ALLOWED ALSO) the final place must be a location where the model’s base can fit.

This character can pay 1 MC (in addition to the above) if so, she/he is considered to be flying until end of the round (Add the flying marker to him/ her). While the character has a flying marker he/she can only be attacked by ranged attacks or melee attacks from another character flying (melee attacks from characters without flying can't attack him/her). 

A character can use Fly as a Passive Trait at a cost of 1SC to avoid damage and knock down effect from falling. 

At the beggining of the raise plan Phase remove the Fliying counter from the model.If a flying character becomes KO or Knocked Down while it has flying marker the character receives 2Blood damage counters and they lose the Flying marker (the character is no longer flying and takes falling damage). 

This character can't run and use this trait during the same round.

This is only a sample of the rule at the moment. It needs some more work and testing and is then due for a future expansion for the game.
I can't wait for this myself. There are always people swooping around Gotham. Maybe Batman will even get one of his flight suits?

What do you think of this addition?
A good idea or not?

While reading over the forum, I started to think about characters that would use the 'Fly' Trait.
Below are my top 5 flying wants.

First up HAS to be Red Robin (Tim Drake) from the New 52. Fitted with collapsible wings and rockets, Red Robin could be a great Free Agent for a Batman crew.
I know there is already a Tim Drake Robin, but Red Robin would fill out the modern Bat-Boys nicely along side Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin (Damien).

Talking of flying good guys, what about Terry McGuiness aka Batman Beyond?
Beyond could make a good alternate Leader to the Batman crew. Or maybe a Sidekick so he could run with Bruce Wayne?
If a model does appear for him, I hope its a 'wings spread' sculpt like pictured.

 Staying with the Bat theme, Batman's opposite, Man Bat! Kirk Langstrom has terrified the skies of Gotham for a while. This deadly creature could work well as a Villain Free Agent, giving all of the Crews access to Flight.

Another possible flying Villain Free Agent is Firefly. The one from the Arkham Origins game, not the rubbish one from Arrow.
Firefly would also bring more Fire to the game as there is only one model that uses it so far and a few that are vulnerable to it. Probably even more when the Freeze Crew appears.

The final member of my Flying Five is actually the model I want the most. STARFIRE!
I know she is probably too powerful for the street level Batman game, but they have powered down characters like Lobo already so I can still hope.

Who would you like to see added?

- Hendybadger