It's that time again... time for all good little kiddies to get their filberts and craft brushes ready to do some fun painting at Reapercon!!

As you saw in the last post. I was hashing out the colors on the Reaper Fishman.  It's at this stage that I start to mix other dark colors with the washes.  In this case, Reaper Blue liner paint.

Those who frequent the blog know how much I love that stuff!  It's got a lot of pigment, but it is still somewhat translucent, and very thin.  This makes it an ideal addition to the darkest glazes.

With those dark glazes completed, it's time to move on to that fun mixture of regular light paint colors and the washes.

I mixed a small amount of light flesh color with the green and with the blue washes as well.  This created a few middle tones that were both opaque and transparent.  They are excellent for evening out any rough areas left by the glazes, and add some depth to the overall color.

I worked my way around the figure very quickly to build in more definition and detail.  Another factor to keep in mind is that all of this has to take place in about 25 minutes maximum.

This is what approximately 30 minutes of total glazing can yield.  Not too shabby :-)

This is fun.  When I worked with watercolors, I used to take a few special colors that had an odd chemical property and "drop" them into existing washes on the paper.

The colors would react to each other, often repelling each other, and creating very nice random effects.  I took a few drops of Vallejo Sepia was and added them to the storm cloud Secret Weapon wash.

Now it has a very corroded look in about 3 seconds of work!  Life is so hard sometimes...

A little stage by stage setup.

The three figures to the left are the figures I will be using during the initial demo.

Since I don't have time for washes to dry, I wanted to have one that was all set to go, so that I could grab it and keep up the rapid pace, leaving more time for the students to try this out for themselves.

As always, the goal here is not to create a masterpiece, but rather to bring out the essence of the technique, and make it something that is easier to absorb in a short period of time.

Eventually, I want to do this sort of thing via Google Hangouts.