While browsing the Arkham City Limits Facebook group, I spotted some nice repaints and conversions for henchmen.
Having a look through the Knight Models range, I started to plan some of my own.

There are 3 Banes in the range so far, but my Bane of choice is the Arkham Asylum / City Titan Bane. For his henchmen I'm using the Blackgate Prisoners. They match his costume and are also cheap in Rep to counter Banes 150 Rep price tag.
The Bane crew also has access to several skilled mercenaries but they don't really match the look I'm going for.

Luckily, the Bane Starter and Two Face starter Henchmen are armed with the same weapons. The Two Face Henchmen also have VERY similar outfits to the Blackgate Prisoners.
The plan for this is nothing more than some simple head swaps adding the Merc heads to the Two Face bodies and painting them orange instead of the split colours.

Looking into it a little further, the first expansion blisters for each crew are quite similar as well. The axe on the Two Face henchman will need to be split into two weapons but then it will just be head swaps again.
The idea behind these will be skilled Blackgate inmates that have managed to break into the weapons stores.

With the Bane idea, I'm going to be left with a few Two Face henchmen masks.
These would go perfectly on a set of Blackgate Prisoners. After the headswap, the orange jump suits will be painted in split colours and then I have 4 more cheap Two Face henchmen!

Then I came across this picture. Arkham Ivy with her hypnotised henchmen.
At the moment, Ivy only has access to Plants, Blackgates and Loonies so I cant really use the rules for Henchmen straight out of Two Face, Joker and Penguin crews.
As the Plants can't hold Objectives, some bodies would be really handy.
The idea here is to match the Blackgate cards to Two Face, Joker and Penguin Henchmen that are armed with the same weapons. Then either use them straight out of my other crews or get extra models to go with the green eyed look.

I'm sure I will have more conversions in the future, but that's it for now.

Which ones do you like the sound of the most?
Do you have any similar plans?

- Hendybadger