Unboxing: Gamer’s Grass

  • Company: Gamer’s Grass
  • Size: 2, 5 & 6mm

I came across Gamer’s Grass’ website not long ago when I was looking around to see where I could get some tufts. I found a link to their shop on a blog (can’t remember which one) and decided to try them out.

I’ve been using tufts for quite some time and have used most of the bigger brands, some good, some bad.

The first thing that made me decide to try them out was the price. Most of their sheets are priced at £1.8 and two that cost £2.7. They offer free international shipping when ordering at least 7 sheets and they’ll upgrade it to free tracked shipping when spending £30.

The size of the sheets are around 15x5cm. Each sheet consists of between approximately 44 and 100 tufts depending on what style you want. They offer them in large (~44), medium (~70), small (~100), Mixed (~73) and wild (~60). The majority of the sheets have all the different styles but not all of them.

Most of the sheets are ~6mm but they have a couple of smaller and bigger ones.

I ordered a selection of 8 sheets (see photo below):

  1. Mixed Green (6mm) Mixed
  2. Beige (6mm) Mixed
  3. Dry Tuft (6mm) Wild
  4. Dry Tuft (6mm) Small
  5. Light Green (6mm) Wild
  6. Dry Green (6mm) Mixed
  7. Winter (5mm) Small
  8. Moss (2mm) Small



The sheets came well packed with no damage, The shipping time was normal, 4 days from Portugal to me in Sweden.

The quality of the tufts are pretty ok, they are very uniform in size, besides the Wild ones that are more random.

As for the colors, I think they look the same as on their website so no complaints there.

I’ve found one downside with them. There’s a bit to much grass on them. It’s not a big downside as I usualy cut them into smaller tufts but it’s still a downside.

Despite that, I would still recommend them, but mostly for gaming bases and not for display pieces.


Gamer’s Grass’ Website

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