I've been sitting on this for a few days (or has it been a week already?), waiting for the ebook to be up on more sites.  Well, I'm tired of waiting, so here it is!

The Identity Crisis Universe is filled with heroes, horrors, and hard won victories.  Spandex, after all, isn’t just a fashion statement, and it’s not for the faint of heart.  This first trio of IDCU stories both explores and defies the conventions of the superhero genre.

     “Invasion” – A swarm of biomechanical monsters attack the Volans Space Station during a test of its artificial gravity system.  Two of the station’s engineers, however, are more than just astronauts...  But repelling this invasion may not be enough.  In order to safeguard the Earth and rescue a benevolent alien planet from oppression, Adam Smasher, Symian, and Ballista volunteer to leave this world behind and venture into deep space, where the void—and the mission—may be darker and colder than they ever expected.

     “Puppet Theatre” – In Mesa City, there’s one hero you can count on to defend justice. Okay, there’s two: the mysterious Shadow Puppet and that show-off, Mr. Wonderful. After his last tragic encounter with the villainess Kitty Kat, the Shadow Puppet is thought to be dead. And the man behind the mask would almost prefer that, but he can’t let the Mr. Wonderfuls of the world get the best of him. Tonight, he returns from the grave!

     “Dreams of Flying” – Herb Collins doesn’t just dream about flying, he takes to the skies.  And as soon as this self-conscious grocery store manager can figure out a proper secret identity, he’ll be the biggest superhero Cleveland has ever seen!  His first encounter with real thugs, however, and a chance meeting with his idol teach him that his ambitious dreams may be misplaced.

Superheroic adventure for adults.

This is the first book of my newest series.  (Yes, I've started too many series.)  This particular run of stories and novels will come from far and wide across the superhero universe that I started with Hungry Gods.  That series (Identity Crisis) will focus on the Phenomenal Five, while the books of the Identity Crisis Universe will star different characters and even different timelines.  

Where can you find this fun and exciting triple feature?  Here's a couple links as of now, but look for it on your other favorite ebook sites as well:

I am working on the paperback edition and it will eventually be produced in audio as well.  But all these things take time, which I have so little of (and less all the time).