So after my return to 40k a month ago. I have managed to paint up a 1000ish point force and convinced a local gamer (alias Chimera), to give me a reintroduction. As I hadn't played in a while a few rules and stats got messed up. But overall it was a fantastic game and here is the pictures to prove it.

Elysian Drop Troopers
The Yellow King Eldar
The set-up was Hammer and Anvil, with Crusade (5 objectives). The game lasted 5 rounds and the winner will be announced after the photos.

Warning lots of photo's after the break.

The armies were both stat wise equally matched and containing lots of bodies. Chimera's army consists of 98% forgeworld models and is a real treat to play against (it's also 100% painted)

His army consisted of the following (details from memory):

Command HQ- Dual Plasma Pistol Commander.

Veteran Squad- 3 Snipers, Missile Launcher

Command Squad
2 Squads
3 Missile Launcher teams

3 Heavy Bolter Drop Sentinels

Two Veteran squads. 1 Plasma Focus 1 Melta Focus.

Two Valkyries

One Vulture

Craftworld Carcosa consisted:

2 Farseers
10 Guardians Scatter Laser Warlock
10 Dire Avengers Exarch, Powersword, Shimmershield.
5 Dire Avengers
Waveserpent Brightlances
6 Howling Banshees Exarch Executioner
5 Dark Reapers Exarch
Warwalker Bright Lance, Starcannon
Vauls Wrath 2 D-cannons
Hemlock Wraithfighter (Borrowed)
3 Vypers Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannons

Photo's from the game.
Victims of First Blood
Naotalba's Sign, claim first blood.
No more Missile Launchers
The Guard have their revenge!
Deepstriking Valks equal major problem.
Wrong Choice of flyer. Lack of Anti air hurt.
Dire Avengers of the Twin Sun Shrine, disembark and make guardsman disappear.
Hastur leads from the front.
More Twin Sun Avengers hold objectives in the bombed out rhino.
End of turn two.
Nightmare to shoot down.
Second Squad attempting to hold the bridge

Drop Sentinel

Warlock Shang's Vaul's Wrath Support Battery

Farseer Nahab

Naotalba's Sign Vypers

Hound of Tindalos Warwalker

Platoon Commander

The Hound of Tindalos backed up by the Twin Suns.
Whisper in the Darkness Manning the rocky outcrop.
These are just some of the pictures taken. I will try to upload the rest as a video on You-tube. But basically the game was evenly matched with both sides taking a heavy toll on each other. I made a lot of errors like choosing the Hemlock Fighter not realizing template weapons can't shoot other flyers (whoops). I was also not aggressive enough at the start with the D-weapons, but as Chimera said next time I will know. But overall it was a fun game that I learnt a lot from, also winning the game on the last dice roll was amazing. Invulnerable save on my Farseer, with a pass equaled a win, fail equaled a draw. Chimera was a great host and the table and scenery was all his. I hope to show of more of his miniatures in the near future. Here is what I learn't from this game.

Farseers are great! Hastur managed to survive three rounds of a lot of shooting and killed the HQ command squad in combat, with a little help from Invisibility (needing 6's to hit him is mean).

Guardians solid work horse. They managed to kill off a squad of veterans with a combined shooting/charge combo and delivered the second farseer onto the winning objective. Would like more.

Dire Avengers solid again can do a lot damage and are cheap. Will use again.

Waveserpent I would swap out the Brightlances for shuriken cannons and also get the nose cannon next time.

Howling Banshees my opponent knew he couldn't afford to let them get in his lines, so dealt with them quickly. Without an assault transport I'm not sure how to use them let. But I will keep trying,

Dark Reapers caused a huge amount of damage, my error was deploying them too far forward and then failing badly at 3+ saves

Warwalker need to change the load out. The current set-up only gives him 3 shots. I feel I would be better of with scatter lasers or shurikens.

Vauls Wrath I used badly in this game, needed to really push them forward in the first turn. But lesson learnt (also the D-table is crazy)

Hemlock Wraithfighter wrong flyer completely. Fun, as he is a psyker but I needed anti-air badly!

Vypers pure win! Love them. Sure they got blown to pieces but 7 dice each in the shooting phase (21 str 6 shoots as a unit) is just so much fun.

So a lot learnt from my first game. I now own a flyer which will become a Crimson Hunter. I also think I will upgrade my Reapers, to help out in the anti-air department. Otherwise I just want to play around with weapon loads. But a great start back in the game.