First unboxing of an Loot Crate here on the blog, it's actually my fourth crate but I never came around doing an unboxing until now.

First of all, what is Loot Crate? It's a crate you get loot in of course. Each month you get a new one with different stuff depending on what theme it is that month. If your'e a nerd of all sorts like me you will love this. (Would love a box like this for us wargamers :o !)

Anyway, this month's theme is Heroes 2 (2 because this is the second time Heroes is the theme) and it's pretty awesome so let's take a look.

My crate had taken some damage for the first time but no biggie.

 No t-shirt this month (I got one in each of my previous three crates, but many other cool things)

Legend of Zelda sweatband, always usefull and nice to look at

 You get this multi tool key chain, with screwdriver on each wing (flathead and crosshead) and a bottleopener. Don't know how comfortably it will be on with my keys as I'm mostly having them in my pockets, but I will surely try it out.

Star Trek Air Freshener to have in your car, and a download code for a platform brawler game that looks quite cool. It's a Free to play game but here you get some nifty things like skins and more with this code. 

 And now to the bigger things like this exclusive figure of Batman, I loved this as you can write your own messages.

For the first time we also get an hardbound book in a Loot Crate, and this one is pretty sweet. It's about the 50 of the strangest Superheroes you may heard of or more likely never heard of. I took a quick look and just the names of most of these heroes are hilarious. 

A nice small poster of Wonder Woman

In every crate you get an button for that months theme, I really liked this one.

You also get a little magazine with interviews, some nice history with the months theme in mind and showcase for the things you get in your crate. A nice read actually.

Finally, Batman says it all with the box turned inside out behind him. I liked this month's Crate very much, it's always nice to get a new T-shirt but you get some cool and even useful things here. And I love the theme. Will probably do this for the next month's Crate as well which is Villains 2, can't wait.