Knight Models have once again come out with another stunning set of new releases for the Batman Miniature Game.
First up is one of the main villains from the latest game, the Arkham Knight. Sidekick for the Scarecrow crew and skilled gunman.

Next up we have Talia al Ghul. As the comic version, this Talia is packing a deadly gun and is i Sidekick for the League and Lexcorp. (What? A new crew?)
She also has True Love: Bruce Wayne but can't be taken in a Batman crew? Hmmm.....

The one many people have been waiting for. The Arkham Knight Scarecrow Crew. Backed up by the new AK Militia, Scarecrow can spread fear and terror through his enemies causing them serious problems.

The Militia get some muscle in the form of the Militia Brute. Electric prods and cybernetic armour bring some serious punch.

Not one new crew this month but two! The Wonderland Gang are here to spread chaos and crazyness. Beams, mind control, long spiked heels and more!

For the MDF release this month there are a new set of Lamps and Sewers. Cheaper and more sturdy than previous ones and you get 4 of each in the pack so no need to buy several.

To finish off the month, we have some Nightwing and Robin markers. Let your Batboys run in style!

What do you think of the October releases?
Will you be picking any up?

- Hendybadger