I'm currently sat at my hobby desk, listening to Gunship, undercoat is drying on a piece of scenery, an assembled Nomad Spektr (yes, that IS the spelling) is glaring at me for some thick glue action, but instead I am typing this post.


Because, god damn it, Infinity is amazeballs (over used word, but appropriate) and i am so pumped about it that I want to talk about it. However, as there is no one but my ever so patient girlfriend to waffle on about it to, this Blog will have to suffice.

As a group, us Wargamers are pretty savvy and tend to have a good idea of what games are out there. Long gone are the days of Games Workshop's utter dominance of our dice rolling attentions. 

I've come across Infinity numerous times, and what always peeked my interest was the aesthetic of the game in action. Dense, cluttered boards of terrain, acrylic elements, printed acrylic holo-ads, cars, waste bins, road blocks, street lights etc etc! I think most people can agree that the game itself looks great, even those where the buildings are bare MDF and resin crates are sprinkled across the board.

Infinity is now in it's 3rd edition of rules and due to a few factors I finally took the plunge, reasons include:

- Holo-ads (honestly, they are frikkin sweet)
- The decline/death of 8th ed Fantasy
- Free online rules
- New, improved sculpts
- Operation Icestorm (Starter Boxset)
- Les Martin

I love these things

Having kept one weary eye on Infinity it took all the above factors to get me to jump into the game. Mostly due to the last point having someone Like Les  who was super passionate about the game really helped. Whatever time we had at a few tournaments we attended just led to us talking Infinity. I also got to watch Russ Veal take him clean off in a few games; my interest was peeked.

It still took until the Hobby Mingvitationals to actually buy something though, a discounted Aleph starter set (unsurprising from the encouragement of Les). The faction appealed to me straight away, a very strong high-tech flavor, and a smattering of Greek aesthetics. I assembled the models, all metal ofc (Infinity is specifically a metal miniature game) with some slight frustration (there were some fiddly bits like the Tacbots shin guards!?!). This gave me a stealthy Naga hacker, 3 Dakini robotic fodder (they remind me of Star Wars Battle Droids), a light infantry Deva, and the powerhouse that is an Asura.

However they then sat on a shelf for the best part of 6 months...

You see, I always planned to play the game, I just didn't have anyone to play against (sad times). A few failed attempts at organizing things resulted into me getting back into Malifaux (which I dropped again a few months back). Luckily for me salvation came in the form of one of the more elusive members of our little group happily playing Infinity in his local scene and drawing the interest of yet another member of our group. The interest has now grown and we are currently preparing for round 3 of an escalation league!

As it was the aesthetic of the game itself that drew me in, I felt compelled to concentrate on the terrain first. Thanks to my trusty airbrush, I am also now a proud owner of a full board of painted Infinity terrain:

I am now slowly working my way through my initial collection of models, I have painted three so far, a Naga Hacker (left) and 2 Deva Functionaries:

I am really trying to push myself with these models as I feel the quality of the sculpts and the individuality of the models cry out for extra attention.

Going forward, my aim with these Blogs will be to cover my experience of the game, from initial games, learning scenarios, early mistakes, essential purchases, painting tips etc.