What is it with GW being utterly obsessed with giving anything Chaos-related a ridiculous name!?! The tradition continues at full steam with the Khorne Bloodbound Bloodsecrator (of Blood).

Notwithstanding the comedic name, this is a very fine miniature. It exudes detail and for such a small piece, took me quite a while to complete. I'd strongly advise painting him in stages, and not attaching the totem/icon until you've finished painting the main figure.

Again, this guy has a real Chaos Space Marine feeling about him. He comes complete with loads of skulls, as well as this bizarre (but interesting) spinal pony-tail...

This shot shows the icon in full glory. The reds are much deeper than I can photograph... I always struggle with red as a colour when I take pictures, but the icon has been highlighted on the upper portions. It really pops in real life.

Next week: the Khorne Bloodbound Bloodstoker (of Blood).