Hey guys. Today I'm writing from a winter wonderland here in Canada, as finally a massive amount of snow has hit us here in Ottawa.

I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about some plans for 2016. As always it includes attempting to paint, game, drink and have fun within our hobby. But to help keep up motivation I'm joining Nick's New Year Painting Challenge 2016. If you've not seen the video then go watch, if you have then you get the idea. So the plan is to Challenge yourself to complete a painting task. It could take the shape of "paint X amount of models" or "Complete X army" or "a year of Painting Eldar". For my own personal challenge I've chosen to go with buying and completing an Eldar Wraith Host.

Lucky for me a friend is selling off almost a complete host, so I will be buying that in the New Year and start getting building/converting/painting. But here is a quick run down of what you find in a Wraith Host.

1 Spirit Seer

3 Units of Wraithguard/Wraithblades (in any Combination)

1 Wraithlord

1 Wraithknight

This is the list I'm building towards:

Spiritseer- Rune Armour, Shuriken Pistol, Witch Staff---------------------- 70pts
5 Wraithguard- Wraithcannon------------------------------------------------- 160pts
5 Wraithguard- Wraithcannon------------------------------------------------- 160pts
5 Wraithguard- Wraithcannon------------------------------------------------- 160pts
1 Wraithlord- 2 Flamers- Ghostglaive- Eldar Missile Launcher----------- 155pts
1 Wraithknight- Ghostglaicve/Suncannon and Scattershield -------------- 295pts

Total Points:----------------------------------------------------------------------- 1000pts

That's the list I'm working towards, nothing too crazy and yes I know D-Scythes maybe better but I like a nice round number like 1000. Also I know there is a more popular version of the Wraithknight, but I just prefer the look of those weapons (haven't decided which let).

Quick chart to show progress below and as always leave me comment.