Tomorrow Sunday 10th will be my first outing of Craftworld Iyanden in 2016. It will be versus 2000pts of Sons of Horus using the Horus Heresy Ruleset. Not sure how it will play out as I've never faced off against this kind of army. But in preparation for the game here is my list:


Formation Guardian Host

HQ: Farseer-                                                                                         100
Troops: Guardian Defenders- 10, Scatter laser, Warlock             125
Waveserpent brightlances                                                                 115
Troops: Guardian Defenders- 10, Scatter laser, Warlock             125
Troops: Guardian Defenders- 11, Scatter laser                                99
FA: 3 Vypers- Shuriken Cannon, Scatter laser                                180
HS: 2 Warwalker- Scatter laser, Starcannon                                   130
HS: Vauls Wrath- D-cannon                                                                 55


HQ: Autarch- Skyrunner                                                                       85
Troops: 3 Windriders- Shuriken Cannons, Warlock                       131
Troops: 5 Dire Avengers                                                                       65
Waveserpent, brightlances                                                                115
Elite:  5 wraithguard wraith cannons                                               160 Waveserpent brightlances                                                                 115
FA: Crimson Hunter                                                                             140
HS: Warp Hunter                                                                                  185
HS: 3 Dark Reapers                                                                                75


Bang on 2000pts! I'm thinking of making the Autarch the Warlord for the game, mainly because I can keep him out of trouble by boosting all over the place. Warwalkers will be outflanking and the Warp Hunter, Vauls Wrath Platform, Dark Reapers and guardians will form my defensive base getting buffs from the Farseer. Whilst the Dire Avengers, Wraithguard, waveserpents and vypers will go the hunt. I know my opponent loves terminators and has a spartan, so my main objective is to use my speed to move and shoot and try not to get bogged down and cornered. If I'm lucky I can pop the spartan and leave at least some terminators walking. But I'm definitely expecting some deepstriking action too.

Drop comments below and wish me luck!