Hi All,

DOC here to showcase a big leap forward on the construction of the pre heresy death guard.  Here follows a giant picture dump showing all the models I have built for the death guard.

Heavy Support Squad (troops for death guard with the rite of war mmm rockets)

Volkite Culverin Support Squad (nice to have some different weapons to 40k)

Command Squad - close combat squad nice to use some of those lovely mkIII power wepon bits

Legion Tactical Squad -fleshed out and sergeant added with a power fist 

 I have also in the build process re based a load of my death guard on to 32mms.  These are 40k marines as I will use this army in 40k as a space marine army.

Sternguard Vets - The best spare bit kit in the GW range!

Devastators - Mixed bag made from my bits box but all good!

Vanguard Vets and Chaplain - great models and again loads of bits!

So having bought 100 32mm bases I have no used them all up and ordered another 50.  I really am aiming to get this into a usable state before the painting begins.

Comments are welcome