So, the lists!

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Steve Young: Imperial Fists
Centurion with Artificer Armour and Combat Shield
10 Man Breacher Squad with Breacher Charge
Stone Gauntlet Rite of War for Toughness 5 Baby smile emoticon
300 on the nose

Rich Payne - Fists
Centurion, power weapon, boarding shield,
10 breacher marines inc sgt 

Gareth (@GCP129) Nightlords
Centurion with chainglaive,
9 man terror squad, all with volkite chargers, sgt also has meltabombs
"I quite like the idea of skull-faced nutters wielding martian death rays tearing through a ship."
"Plus who doesn't like a chainsaw on a stick? Melta bomb for bulkheads or dreadnoughts."