Once again, I am going to bravely wade into the festering swamp that is Kickstarter and pull out a few shining nuggets of pure gaming gold.

First up a little gaming mat that’s cheap as hell:

SubF-X Gaming Mats


The second gaming mat Kickstarter from Ceri Designs, he returns a lot tighter with a more focused campaign. Last time was a similar deal £19 for a 3’ by 3’ full colour gaming mat. Great value, these are felt and through some sort of magic have really colourful designs on them. I got one of his last ones for X-Wing and its really bright and clear and at that price, you can’t really argue! This time the focus is on mats for a little game you might have heard of called Guildball. Last time he was quick as hell to get product out and didn’t over promise, a great way to run a campaign. He’s also really receptive to ideas, so if you don’t fancy Guildball (but you should) let him know what else you like and see what he can do.

Representation is Corehammer’s word of the week, so this project is right up our collective alley:

Oathsworn’s Heroines in Sensible Shoes

Just one of the warband

Just one of the warband

A kickstarter campaign full of heroes for your D&D games (or anything else for that matter) with one thing in common, they’re all women. Addressing the lack of women wearing sensible dungeon attire, they have a ton of models ready and more to come. Oathsworn know what they’re doing, they’ve ran a few campaigns now and always done well by their customers. Its worth a look at the updates as they’ve got a really detailed look at the sculpting process that’s well worth checking out.

Really nice sculpts, good people and a good price, well worth supporting.

Next up, a Bestiary with a difference:

Baby Bestiary Volume 2

Baby Bestiary

You know, for all those times you need to know about the baby versions of classic RPG monsters.I’m a sucker for a Monster Manual, I adore a bestiary, even if I’ll never play the game, i like a look at all the monsters, so this is great to me. Full of really nice artwork, this looks like a great book. An odd project that would probably never happen without crowdfunding, I think its great that we live in a world where passion projects like this can see the light of day. They’ve gone all out, hired excellent people and made a great product.

If you like tentacles, then there is something serious wrong with you, but you might like this next one.

Tor Gaming’s C’Thun

Skulls, tentacles and weird runs. Perfect.

Skulls, tentacles and weird runs. Perfect.

People love the indescribable horror of the Cthulhu Mythos, Tor Wargaming make some great little models for their game, Relics, that are well worth checking out. They want to fund a new Cthulhu-inspired. Tor make really nice models and so far, the C’thun look to carry that on, some really bizarre designs that seem to fit in with the Cthulhu vibe while still working in their existing fantasy world.

Definitely worth checking this out, really great value and a brilliant company.

That’s all that caught my beady little eye as interesting this month, if you think there is anything I missed let me know in the comments. If you’re going to be running a Kickstarter that you think Corehammer readers would be into, shoot me an email with the details and we’ll check it out.