Here are some very old Space Marines, released in 1987 as boxed set RTB01 (That's Rogue Trader Box #1). I believe these models were given to me by Warfrog who acquired them as part of a bigger lot and he just didn't want to deal with the aggravation of having to relist them. So naturally, the miniature hoarder that I am, I gave them a home. I stumbled upon these all but ruined things the other day and decided it was time to clean them up and ready them for future projects. But first, let us pick on them:

Actually, I need to be upfront about this: I would never pick on, or attempt to discourage, anybody from painting models or doing any sort of art. Some people have talent right from the go, some need to go through a lot more trial and error before they get to even a modest level, but that's OK. If you have fun, and like your results, that's all that matters.

Having said that, I have no idea what the eff'n hell happened to these things!

This one came apart in the bag it was in. I am not sure what scheme was being attempted or imagined when the paint was being applied, but I am at a loss when I try to see. it. The belts are yellow, and a hideous version of it, I suspect this was a flat enamel of some sort, with blue on the rest of it. Then it seems that yellow was applied over it rather liberally for some reason, and where it was all still wet, colors blended to for an interesting green.

is another one, with similar coloration. The model is busted to hell and after I strip the paint I will need to rip off his arms and replace them.

Next up, more of the random colors that makes me think that a child, perhaps one too small to even be using these paints, was coloring these things. .

At least with orange and green they are opposite colors on the color wheel, so, props for an attempt at color theory I guess.

There are more models, most of which were never cleaned up properly and still have mold-lines and flash. I will soak these things just I did when I stripped the vindicator a while back. Afterwards, some of these may end up as casualties on a foe's base, or re-purposed as full fledged marines! Keep an eye on this blog, you will see these guys again!