So .. I've actually been able to get some painting done .. It's been awhile and then I've had to jump back in with reckless abandon. I'm going to be playing in a Malifaux Tourney this weekend and then going to be playing again two days after that. I haven't played a full real game of Malifaux in about 9 months. I just don't have the time anymore 8( .. Kids.. Work .. and now add in laser cutting ..  If I was smart I'd just play one of my completed crews.. Sonnia being the smartest since I know how to play her well but no.. I've been wanting to get Molly on the table so I'm going to be running her..  Never played her before so it will be interesting..  I just don't want to slow play, If I can't do it quick I'll just have to guess quickly. haha
 That being said I also didn't have her or the models I wanted to use painted or even built. So starting last Friday I went on a tear and have gotten a good bit of work done. They aren't anywhere near complete but they are getting there. I need to work on the flesh tones and cleaning up a lot of the models.I have a hard time playing with non painted models... it really bothers me. I like to be interested I guess 8)
 That being said I only had about a week so any spare time I've been rocking these out. They look decent for a weeks bit of work and I'm happy they will be on the table with color 8)
 I love the story behind Molly and there are some very cool tricks she can do..  we'll see if I can pull them off 8) ..  Her dress still needs a lot of blend work but it'll have to do for now.

I want her crew (but not her so much) to look grimy, I want them to look dirty so I'm trying to play around with the colors to get the right look, I like the vibrant colors but they also have to be dirty and muted in some areas. A tough balance 8) .. I'm still looking at my list though .. what do I want to bring and what do I want to summon in. Either way it will be fun to get them on the table ...