Hi True Believers!
We have had a look at the Avengers and Guardians starters over the last couple of weeks here, but today is the turn of my favourite. The X-Men!
As said before, all of these starters come with a mini rulebook and scenario included.

First up is the Leader of the team. Scott Summers a.k.a Cyclops.
Cyclops is a Level 7 Mutant Hero.
Using his eye beams can take take down targets at range, cause explosions and ever Pierce through one target and hit the next.
As a Leader he is able to boost the Power of his team and even their speed with a call to action as well as getting someone to act alongside him.

Next is James (Logan) Howlett. The Wolverine.
Wolverine is a Level 8 Mutant Hero and Superhuman Hero.
Being the Best There Is and others hearing his distinct SNIKT, he's deadly in close combat. If he's not close enough, being thrown in a Fastball Special should help.
He's also very fast and Agile as well as having his Adamantium Skeleton which can reduce damage.

The teams muscle is Piotr Rasputin a.k.a Colossus.
A Level 7 Mutant Hero.
Colossus is the power behind the Fastball Special and is a bulldozer in close combat with his metal punches as well as being the teams Tank who can be used as a Bodyguard who is resistant to several types of damage.

The final team member is Anna Marie. Known to others as Rogue.
She's a Level 8 Mutant Hero.
Able to fly and use her increased physical ability to do a lot of damage, her real strength is her ability to Drain Power from others. She could increase her own Power, gain Immunity to attacks, the chance to teleport or even to Regenerate damage.

What do you think of the X-Men starting line up?
Will they be your team of choice?

And who do you want to see join them next?

Until next time ....... Excelsior!

- Hendybadger