Still crazy busy but I got some work done on Killjoy. I wanted him to look nasty and bloody. I'm pretty happy with his look. There are a couple of other things that could be done but for the table he's solid and ready to chop up some suckas.
 Tonight I'll be playing so more Malifaux.. I played in a Tourney two weekends ago and got crushed haha..  sadly I hadn't played in about 9 months and was trying to learn how Molly worked. She's a pretty fun master but sadly I really don't like any other Rezzer Masters so I'll probably be switching back to either Guild or going Neverborn.

Either way it's a fun game and I enjoy actually getting to play. The Kickstart is running strong and I got the big Theatre building done. Now it's just a few small things here and there. Here's a couple of pics of the Theatre, I wanted it to have tons of details.