Evening guys and girls,

Apologies for my prolonged absence in between being busy and not really having much to post I have neglected this place.

The sculpting muse has returned to me a bit of late and I've been able to do a little work on a few bits. 

The INQ28 muse has also returned some what which has let me do some work on one of my more recent ideas which was a dark mechanicus warband. Some of you will remember the gluttony inspired Magos I was working on before, He is still on going, I have however been working on a sidekick for him:

She is rather WiP still and one of the more involved conversions I have attempted in quite a while. concept wise she was inspired by this artwork:

Concept wise she is more of the traditional Slaanesh as seduction/perfection. The open robes will show glimpse of her mechanical torso so polished silver. So where as a human servant of Slaanesh may show off  sculpted muscles and the perfect body she will instead be showing off master crafted bionics.

Her head is actually a face stapled on top of her bionics that will be painted quite pale, She has a neuro toxin gauntlet on her one arm and I need to sort out a weapon for the topp of the staff. The snake itself will be cut off and used on the model as a mechanical pet.

I plan on adding a small servo arm to her and a bit more slaaneshii bling and artifice. A lot of the them will likely come over more in the paint job.

I'm rather proud of her but I feel a bit rusty sculpting wise so theres some areas that will need a second pass.

I'm currently planning out some minions to accompany her and the magos. Likely some skitarii types and such. I'm open to any suggestions so feel free to fire away.

Thats it for now, I shall hopefully be back next week :)