Baba Yaga and Arushka join Shashenka and Tarja to complete the Yaga coven.

I finished Shasenka and Tarja a while back so I'm really excited to finish these two and complete my Elemental Coven.  Mind you the Elemental Coven is a construct for the campaign at home and not an official organization as far as I'm aware.
 Each of the Yagas, as I envision them,  has an elemental specialty Arushka Is the Wind Witch and was worked up using the Reaper Vampire Skin triad on the garments and Vallejo flesh tones.  Gold is vallejo Gold and Secret Weapon Flesh Wash Rustungs Farbe from Gamecraft for metal highlight..

After working on some War Machine models, and playing a lot of Star Wars games, I stated thinking of the staff as a "Force" weapon and went with blue force blades.  Vallejo sky blue, Secret Weapon Blue Wash Vallejo foundation white highlights. 

Both Arushka and Baba Yaga got the blue blades while Tarja and Shashenka's weapons are coded to their element and the blades are not well defined.  I may backtrack and give these two more distinct blades and, in keeping with the "Force" theme may have them color coded to the element instead of defaulting to blue.
 Baba Yaga started ans an Earth Element in the aspect of The Crone.  Armory Olive Green, Reaper Vampire Triad, Reaper Blood and Fire Triads.

She got a tech upgrade along the way and some metal armored cables help give her more of a techno magi feel.

This model is metal and very sturdy while Arushka is resin and seem a bit on the fragile side.

 Another view of the complete coven... although I seem to have botched the focus on poor Baba Yaga...

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