Hey everyone, John here. Today I have a completed project! I've finished the Sable Helm Dire Avenger Shrine Formation. If you need to catch up on this project then follow these links:

I'm very happy to have these finished and to share with you. So lets get into it with the video.

As mentioned in the video I feel the need to expand this formation. My first thought was to increase squad sizes to 10 each and put them in Wave Serpents. This seems like the most sensible plan as I would get BS 5 tanks on the table. But then I started to think about Falcons. If I go with 3- 6 man squads, I could get a cloudstrike formation. Downside the Falcons don't get a BS increase but I would instead gain a non-scatter deepstrike! Imagine three Falcons screaming in, dropping of the 18 Dire Avengers who could then burn their special rule and assault 3 weapons for that turn! Could really cause some damage. But that will be a problem to solve in the near future. 
So back to these guys. I enjoyed painting them and I'm really pleased with how they stripped and how the bases turned out. I feel this is a step in the right direction for how I want them to look. Time for some photographs:

My next plan of action is to re-base my guardian host and get round to finally finishing them off. Still need one more Warwalker, one Vaul's Wrath and a Warlock Conclave. Then there is still Nick's New Year Painting Challenge to complete which is the Wraith host. So many projects so little time.