After suffering heavy losses on the eastern flank by Battle Group 525 the 4224th Imperial Guard army called a halt prior to the coming of winter. The Lord General wanted to ensure that all three Battle Groups would be able to make the final push into the peninsula in the spring and bring the Defense of Avenweddon to a close.  This would free up at least two of the Groups for further action within the sub-sector.  As to which of the Battle Groups would have to remain on Avenweddon for the cleansing no decision has yet been made.

During the winter months the Army used the time to regroup, rearm, resupply.  The order of business was primarily on regrouping and strengthening of the forward lines. Many of the Regiments in the army were drawn from planets within the sub-sector and therefor were reinforced without having to requisition further Imperial assets.

With the Army returned to a fighting capability, and supply lines secure the Lord General is making plans to restart the offensive. Intelligence reports that the enemy hardly could have reinforced in this time as the Navel* blockade reported no enemy ships in the sector.  Even if that is so, it will still be a rough slog forward as they no have no doubt dug themselves in deeper than ever before.  For the elements of BG82 this shouldn't be a problem as the right flank is more flat leading out to sea.  As for the other two Battle Groups...  Only time will tell.

* Yes that should be Naval as Siph points out below.  But well, I made the mistake I have to live with the mistake.  And besides I think it's funny.