Welcome Dredd-heads to another JDMG update. This time it's a terrain piece. So watch the video and we shall go from there.

So the terrain piece was built using the following parts:
  • Foam Board ( base, support struts)
  • Plastic tub (Hut/Shed)
  • Corrugated Cardboard (Hut/Shed)
  • Cork Tile (Broken Stone work)
  • Coconut Water cans (Fuel Holders)
  • Bendy Straw (Gutter/ Support Struts)
Including paints terrain piece cost at most $8 in totals and left over paint will be used on the next projects too. It only took a couple of hours to build and paint and overall I'm very happy with the results and I am already planning the next wasteland piece. Terrain making seems to be addictive.
The ultimate plan is to get enough pieces to fill a 4'x4' board and then start on some battle reports!

Dredd hiding from a Wraithknight
Rhode Island Red enjoying his new man cave/chicken hutch.
Wouldn't be the Cursed Earth without the Angel Gang.
MC-GAS apart of Overdrive Inc.
This piece is a great line of sight blocker.
Spy in Sky view.
Pirate Simp!
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