Hey readers just finished another comic, yes I do realise my bookshelf is just full of comics and no books. Believe me I am trying to sort this, but I have just been on a real 2000 AD drive. So today's comic is a 2000 AD Showcase: Bradley is Out! Which I picked up for a dollar at Comet Comics here in Ottawa.

I remember reading Bradley sprogs in 2000 AD as a child and though I loved the artwork, I couldn't really remember anything else about. So I purchased the comic and started reading. Now before I get into the review here are some Bradley facts:

  • First appeared in Prog 533 in August 1st, 1987.
  • It follows Bradley a diabolically ill-behaved alien child.
  • Creators: Alan Mckenzie and Simon Harrison.
The comic itself has a gloss card cover featuring the above image. It shows the demented main character Bradley, with his wild multicolored hair and classic onesie outfit. The comic has no date of publish that I can find, but is 32 pages long.

The tales included in this volume are based on ''Bradley's Bedtime Stories'' arc. Which mostly involve Bradley telling his younger sister Annabella, his version of popular fairy tales. Guess which tales might fit these titles: 
  • Were-maid
  • The Ice Queen
  • Nightingale  
  • The King's Birthday Suit

As far as storytelling goes; these aren't anything special and are easierly forgettable, relying on a pre-existing story and always ending on a twist. The high point for this comic is the great artwork, it is truly wonderful. Full of details and a bit different from the norm found in 2000 AD. For me the artwork really saves the lackluster stories and reminds why this character stuck in my head. 
In all it took maybe ten minutes to read cover to cover and I won't be rereading it anytime (so if you want it contact me). As to how I would score it:

2 Bradley's out of 5 

and only that because it had great artwork!

Thanks for reading!