Time for a quick bookshelf comics review, this time it is a free comic that came with Judge Dredd Meg 350.

Harke & Burr

Where Monsters meet misfits!
The Cursed Earth is a strange and dangerous place, full of bizarre relics and even more bizarre collectors. Likeable rogues Harke & Burr cater to that trade from their antique store in the ancient township of Dunedin. But trouble is always never far away.....
Dark deals and comical escapades from writer Si Spencer and artist Dean Ormston.
This mini comic contains three stories:
  • Antique & Curious
  • A Hamster Horror Production
  • Grief Encounters

The stars Harke and Burr have their names based on the infamous Burke and Hare the Body-snatchers. Harke seems to be the brains of the operation (I use this term lightly), and is a top hat wearing, skinny man. Who loves a deal or con and can be found bossing Burr about their antique shop. Burr on the other hand is a portly man in a bowler hat. Burr has been described as looking like an ape and seems to have a great array of one liners. Their shop has a never ending supply of 'antiques' and Cursed Earth 'collectables' and is located in the Cursed Earth Township of Dunedin. Which after a google search is a town in New Zealand so could this be it location in the world of Judge Dredd? The images that portray Dunedin show it to have a real Gothic feel about it, with gas lamps lighting street corners and dingy, dark, dangerous corners of gloom. 

The Stories

The stories are quick and carefree. Each plot contains our likeable duo, somehow trying to make money. But like all comedy sitcoms, it always goes horribly wrong. Think of 'Only Fools and Horses' given a 2000ad twist. 

  • In the first tale Antique & Curious a mysterious Mr. Karis, arrives at the store in search of all things Egyptian. After securing a large finders fee for a Sarcophagus. Mr. Harke sends Burr to follow Karis in hopes of selling more. But when Burr disturbs a ritual, he unwillingly releases three stockbroker mummies on the world!                                  
  • In A Hamster Horror ProductionHarke is invited to the estate of Janus Erryati. A Veterinary Surgeon who is trying to sell all his antique mirrors. Whilst this is happening, Burr is given the task of protecting Mrs. McLoopy's pet Hamster, as she fears for it's life following the surge of hamster murders in the town. Could the two be connected? And why is the veterinarian located in a graveyard!?
  • Finally Grief Encounters sees Harke release his inner artist! Will he be able to wow and impress the local ladies and walk of the cash prize? Or will Burr somehow mess it all up?


This was a great little read, very light hearted and comical. If you can get your hands on it then I highly recommend you do. It may not have the fast action pace of Judge Dredd but it sure makes up for it in story telling. Plus the artwork is beautiful and creepy. For this comic I have to give it 3 Dredds out of 5.