++ Sector House 102 ++
++ Attention all Units ++
++ Subject: Chopper ++

"Chopper has been seen entering over the Black Atlantic Wall. Any sightings are to be report immediately to Dredd"
Unknown Justice Central Judge.

Chopper was a typical MC-1 juve; bored and restless with no real future. So he broke out from the norm, by being a wall-scrawler; challenging the Judges with his own brand of graffiti. He eventually caught Judge Dredd's attention, but not before making his mark on the big Meg.

Whilst being rehabilitated, Chopper took up skysurfing. Chopper was a born natural and soon took part in the illegal Supersurfs and went on to become a World Champion. Several times Chopper outwitted the law (including Judge Dredd), but he couldn't repeat his winning success in subsequent Supersurf races. Then came Supersurf 11. A 'Death Race' which Chopper really shouldn't have survived.

After his horrific injuries, Chopper retired to the Oz outback, but he has made a few trips back to MC-1 since....