Welcome back to another Bookshelf Review. With work being so busy this time of year, I sometimes struggle to find time to read. But there is always time to listen, be it in the shower or on a bus. So with that in mind I turn our reviews over to the audio books. Lucky for me 2000ad has produced loads of audio dramas, some even performed with the BBC. But where to begin? I wanted something that is easy to listen to and wouldn't be too taxing on my brain, so I chose:

2000 AD presents Judge Dredd: Death Trap
-produced by Big Finish Productions and written by David Bishop. Here is a quick overview:

"On the 15th anniversary of the Necropolis, Mega-city One's Judge Death is broken out of prison by a terrorist group, known as disciples of Death. Judge Dredd and his partner, Judge Amy Steel must track down the alien killer before he repeats his mass murder spree."
Starring the following Voice Actors
  • Toby Longworth - Judge Dredd
  • Claire Buckfield - Amy Steel
  • Mark Gatiss - Judge Death
  • Regina Reagan - Enigma Smith
  • Jeremy James - Control
  • Julia Righton - Nigella Gaiman
  • Liza Ross - Mrs. Gunderson

The tale was pretty straight forward which was a blessing and contained some popular characters like Mrs. Gunderson and Walter the Wobot. It also takes place in some of the famous MC-1 locations like Sylvia Plath and Tech 21. The voice acting is great especially Mark Gatiss as Judge Death, so good at all the Ssssss. The story has a quick and it's easy to follow, whilst keeping your attention right up till the end. It felt as though I was reading a comic strip in my head, with the added effect that it was my imagination providing the pictures!
Judge Death by Ryan Brown found using Google
All in all if you have a spare hour and a bit on the way to work or whilst painting, then I highly recommend it. Only problem now is finding or buying the rest! If like me you're interested in the full range then follow this LINK to the Big Finish home page. There you will find Dredd and Strontium Dogs audio books to name a few.

As this is my first audio book adventure I don't have a set standard let. So this will be my base mark
of 3 out of 5

As always drop me a comment and let me know what you think.