++ Attention all Judges! ++
++ Be on the lookout for Perp using Bat Gliding equipment ++
++ Possibly linked to a spike in Burglaries ++

Benny the Bat started life as a low life burglar. But this was all going to change following the latest craze Batting! Barney info- "Batting is a popular, if  a somewhat restricted activity in Mega-City One. Around blocks where it is permitted, citizens can be seen soaring the heights with rocket-assisted bat wings."
An enterprising Benny took this new craze to heart. With his new lightweight gear, Benny is now able to access apartments on the highest blocks to sneak in through the exterior windows, which rarely have the same level of security as the block's interior doors.

Benny the Bat - Bat Burglar

Credits: 80
Type: Infantry Minion

Equipment: Bat Glider, Handgun.
Move: 5" Agility: +1 Shoot: +0 Melee: -1 Melee Dice: 2D Will: +0 Armour: +0 Hits: 1