"Judge Prince reporting. MAC give me all info on the Apes from the Jungle"

++ Subject: The Jungle ++

"The Jungle is located in Sector 51, this area was set aside for a small sub-population of genetically modified primates and was, at the time of its unveiling in 2080, a state-of-the-art City Block that was purpose-built for ape usage. Unfortunately, the residents were uninterested in civilization and retained a number of their less than human habits, turning Ape-town into one of the city's worst slums within its first year of existence. Humans are unwelcome, and the Judges leave the apes to their own so long as they stay within the borders.

++ Subject: Jungle residents ++

In the 21st Century, experiments (now forbidden) were carried out to increase the learning capabilities of apes. The more sophisticated the experiments got, the closer to human intelligence the apes got. Eventually they were Man's equals and were set free, allowed to live in their own Sector, which quickly became known as The Jungle. Mimicking their criminal neighbours they formed gangs, the most successful of which was that led by Don Uggie Apelino, with his henchmen Fast Eek and Joe Bananas. Together with sundry henchmen they set about fighting the might of the Mega-City mobsters and set up their own rackets, until Dredd and his team caught them red handed with a consignment of illegally imported tobacco. An attempt by Apelino to avoid The Law by claiming it was only for humans was foiled when Dredd imprisoned him and his gang in the Zoo!
With the outbreak of the Apocalypse War the fortunes of the criminal Ape and his henchapes were to deteriorate still further than even the dismal scenario of life behind bars whilst crowds of zoo goers watched their every move. Heavy fighting near the zoo breached the cages and the apes were on the loose, returning to hide out in the wasteland near to the Jungle.
However mutagens in the area were very high and the apes degenerated into a bestial form, far more vicious than the wild animals they were descended from but barely more intelligent. Joined by other apes from the Jungle the pack started hunting prey in and around the wasteland, bringing upon themselves the attention of Dredd himself. Trailing Fast Eek to the Ape's lair Dredd saw that they were beyond redemption and wiped out the entire group, with Don Uggie being the last to fall.

The Ape Gang

Don Uggie Apelino:
Joe Bananas:

Mama Apelino:

Pancakes Clydes:

The Grunt Brothers:
Waffles Clydes:
Forest Chump:

The first of many Monkey/Apes/Gorilla/Chimps. Still to come East Ekk, another Grunt brother, Cobo with a Shotgun and many more so keep checking back.