Time for a favourite brewery of mine, Great Lake Brewery. This time it's the turn of RoboHop! The bottle is etched and stands out by a mile. As soon as I saw it in the LCBO I knew I had to try it. What makes it even more impressive is the fact that it's part of the Tank Ten series like Octopus wants to Fight! and Limp Puppet. This is a great range of beers and well worth seeking out any from the series.


Name: RoboHop
Style: Imperial IPA
Brewery: Great Lake Brewery (link)
Country: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Price: $8.95 CAD 650ml Bottle
ABV: 9.2%

Commercial Fluff:
Part of Tank Ten Series. As a child, RoboHop was shunned for his laser beam eyeballs, bulbous hop-shaped torso and robotic limbs. During adolescence however, things changed for our hero. He captained his high school hockey team, routinely took over dance floors, and thusly, garnered a lot of attention from female classmates.
Today, RoboHop battles blandness by making this killer-hoppy and bracingly bitter beer.

Own Opinion 

Sight: Pours a pale orange/gold colour, topped by light white head. 
Aroma: Packs a real punch, loaded with pine and grapefruit citrus notes. From smell alone I know I'm going to enjoy it.
Taste: Massive amounts of pine which is great. This strong hit is then backed up by the malty base which helps to round it out. Finishes with a bitter orange and grapefruit, which makes it's a very moreish beer.
Would I buy it again? Yes. Of course I would. This is a great beer that I could see myself drink two or three of in night and falling over due to the 9.2% It's a great beer and packs a good punch. Could be a younger brother to Stones' Arrogant Bastard. But the true highlight of the beer is the bottles artwork, I'm a fan of Robocop and this label really speaks to me.

Have you tried this one let? Let me on google+ and cheers everyone.