I have yet again escaped from my cell and been productive this week...

...with another three Malifaux unboxings and one for Knight Models Marvel Universe Miniatures Game. The three Malifaux unboxings were Fermented River Monks, Guild Autopsies and McTavish...

...with the Knight Models one being the X-Men Starter Set.

I spent Saturday at the UK Games Expo where I purchased many things relating to RPG's of various kinds and some models for a post-apocalyptic skirmish game called 'Dead Again' by Savage Forged Games that will be getting it's own feature some time during next week.

A few other bits and pieces also caught my attention at the show including an interesting Kickstarter called Wasteland Justice for which a link can be found in my blog sidebar. Unfortunately it looks like this one might not reach it's funding goal which is a shame.

As well as the earlier mentioned feature on 'Dead Again' there will also be at least three more Malifaux unboxings appearing though which ones make it onto that list I'm yet to decide. Of course the usual newsletters will pop up in-between.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.