Hello, blogsphere.  My fault it has been a long time.

JJ painting,

Me? I was right here!

A brother of mine sent me an email asking me about Space Marines power weapons.  Specifically what colours to use other than blue.

Brother's email:

What would be a good color for power weapons besides blue for SM.  Specifically for my Black Templars.  Colors used in the scheme so far: black, white, gold, red (Khorne red), boltgun and silver.  I just want something other than blue, as I feel it's super common.  Just thought I would run it by you as I think you have a good sense and taste for colors.

My response:

First thought is do I want something eye catching, or do I want something mellow.

Yeah blue power weapons are normal for SM.  You can go with the fiery zealotry of the BT doing orange and yellow.  Orange base with yellow drybrush on the edges and small angled lines indicating energy or shine.

Now for something mellow I'd go with a dark green then light green highlight.  If you have blue it'll match easily.  "Blue and green aren't seen without something in between."

I'd personally suggest white power weapons with some red.  That'll be a lot of masking off to avoid airbrush overspray.

I'll make a blogpost for you tonight showing how the colours work with black.

Have to say after not blogging for so long I'm amazed how much time it takes to make a post.  Blogging is clearly something you do for yourself.

I've missed each and everyone of you.  There are a lot of pics and commissions ready to be processed and made into posts.

Please forgive me for the paint being thick and not clearly finished.  This is more of a demonstration than ability.  Look at me, I don't blog in months and I let it all go to shit!

Some of these might look familiar.

Left Vallejo White Primer airbrush.  Middle Blazing Orange.  Right Caliban Green.

Surprise, surprise.  Guess what took longer: Hand painting two swords or airbrushing one?  If you guessed hand painting two swords I want your dealers digits so I can buy the stuff you're smoking.

Grab some blue tape and mask off half the blade.

This would be the part where I'd mail it in as Zab says (I've missed you, Zab!).  Quick and easy.  Finished and no chance of messing up the other side of the blade.  Pull out the size 2 brush, more about that in a later post, and detail the rest.

Used airbrush Evil Sunz Red and airbrushed from bottom to top and stopped in the middle.

Or you can mask off the painted side and airbrush the top down ending in the middle.

Middle: Flash Gitz yellow drybrush on the outer edges.  Then made angled lines hinting at either energy or shine.

Right: Moot Green drybrush on outer edges.  Then made different lines for energy or shine.

Army Painter Mat Black for hands and handle.

Thick, gloppy paint.  Intent is hopefully understood.

Army Painter Mat Black to show the contrast of Black Templars and different power weapons glow.

Used a blow dryer to help curing.  This lead to some small particles becoming one with the paint.

Added some colour.  Some silver to fill out the model part to show how the colour works with with my brother's army.

Scorpion Green for the energizer.

Blades without the distracting background.  Lane would be happy.

Sincerely hope you've all been well and things are going easy for each and everyone of you.

I'm constantly working on making Silver Gargoyle Productions into a studio.

Other than that I've been well.  No suicide, murder or bank robbing yet.

There are a lot of pics to go through and a lot of posts to make.  Just need to put myself infront of the blog and start pounding them out.  Please take of yourself and those close to you.

til then,

slainte mhath