Nick speaking,

So now I have my Living Tomb Formation painted, I need a list for it! It's an interesting formation with three big tanks clocking up seven hundred points, so we are going to have to make full use of the formations special rules for sure. Of course, you only need one Monolith to make this formation, but for me it's all about the visuals, so I want to max out on the tanks...

The first thing to look at is the Obelisk, which along with the two Monoliths have to stay in reserve and deep strike in. The Obelisk comes out automatically on turn two, which is great, sadly it does scatter though. The small flyer base it's on should make it a little easier to not mishap and with your fingers crossed you should make it into battle turn two

As for the Monoliths, if you deep strike them in within twelve inches of the Obelisk you don't scatter, which for a six inch square base is great. Having said that, the Monoliths still have to roll a dice to come out of reserve. This brings me onto my HQ choice for the army, Nemesor! On turn two we will adapt his tactics and take the Warlord trait that adds one to our reserve rolls. Now everything in the army is coming out turn two on anything but a one. Nemesor is in the Decurion attachment, and with less numbers on the table due to the points spent on the tanks, we are going to need that 4+ RP roll

The other special rule of the formation is that once the Monoliths are down, you can immediately teleport a unit through each Monoliths door form reserve! Like I said at the start, I am going for the visual of how this army is going to look on the table, and for me, you can't get much more epic looking than twenty Warriors teleporting out of each Monolith right after they deep strike in. A couple of Immortal units will have to weather the storm on the table with some Tomb Blades until the formation arrives. Five Immortals to just hide and Ten Immortals to go with Nemesor. That leaves me with a few points left over for an addition deep striking distraction unit!

Enter the Transcendent C'tan, and why not, I have just painted him, and I think he will work well as the distraction unit in this army. Overall, I think this list is going to be a lot of fun and look really cool on the table...

Living Tomb Decurion List 1

Reclamation Legion
1x Nemesor (150)
10x Immortals (170)
5x Immortals (85)
20x Warriors (260)
20x Warriors (260)    
5 x Tomb Blades/Beamers/Vanes/Scopes (120)

1 x Transcendent  C’Tan (250)

Living Tomb Formation
1 x Obelisk (300)
1 x Monolith (200)
1 x Monolith (200)

Points 1995

Ten points left to play with, but for now the list is locked and loaded ready for some action. Battle Report coming soon, but if you have any comments or suggestion on the list please feel free to let me know.